Machining a CV joint – full of intermittent challenges!

One of the most vital parts in the drive line on a front wheel driven car, and some rear driven cars with individual suspension, is the CV joint. The design of the component makes it possible to keep a constant velocity of the drive wheel regardless of steering angle of the wheel, hence the name – CV joint. There are two main types – the inner CV joint which is the one closest to the gearbox and the outer CV joint closest to the wheel hub.

Focus in this post is on the outer CV joint which contain three main parts that are all hard turned and contain very heavy interruptions. Machining of the housing has been shown in an older post

One of the latest successes we have on these components is on the ball cage where we tripled the tool life. We lost 8s of cycle time but that was not a problem at this customer. The increase in tool life was valued much higher by the customer.

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