Turbo 10 PCD – A well-known friend in a new suit

The Turbo family is well-known for both Seco’s customers and competitors. Beside the carbide inserts, we also have the option of using PCD in the sizes Turbo12 and also Turbo09. But the latter is being replaced by the new size, Turbo10. This is not only a change of size, but also a big product improvement. The pockets in the milling bodies have been improved in respect to the supporting surfaces, which makes the inserts more stable in the pockets and a stronger locking screw is used. An insert which is more stable in the pocket also result in a more stable cutting process with less risk of vibrations, which will improve surface quality and tool life.

The insert design is also better than the old Turbo09. The rake angles are more easy-cutting, which reduces the cutting forces and risk for vibrations. Furthermore, it also improves tool life. The Turbo10 PCD insert is also designed to be working together with carbide inserts in the same milling body, where the PCD insert works as a wiper insert.

Material: AL7075

Cutter: R220.69-0040-10-6A
Insert: XOEX10T304F PCD20
Vc: 1500 m/min
Fz: 0.15 mm/tooth
Vf: 10800 mm/min
Ap: 3.5 mm

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