Secomax™ CBN170, MDT and JETSTREAM

The Secomax™ grade CBN170 is the world’s first PCBN grade with a whisker reinforced binder. This unique composition makes the inserts withstand the high forces, the high temperatures and the abrasiveness associated with machining of hardened nickel-based superalloys.

The patented Secoloc™ serrations between the holder and insert on Seco Tools MDT-inserts (Multi-Directional Turning), makes it the most rigid groove-turning system on the market.

Jetstream Tooling® delivers coolant to the optimum position close to the cutting edge. The penetration of the high-energy jet into the tool–chip interface reduces the temperature gradient and eliminates the seizure effect, offering adequate lubrication at the tool–chip interface with a reduction in friction in addition to alteration of the chip flow conditions resulting in lowering of component forces and consequently tool wear rate.

An example where these three Seco Tools unique characteristics; CBN170, Secoloc and Jetstream together is the solution for optimized grooving of hardened nickel-based superalloys is shown below:

For more information, please contact your local Seco representative, or our Advanced material (PCBN/PCD/CERAMIC) team.

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