Secomax™ PCBN & Steadyline® - Unbeatable combination

Boring operations of big components, in for example white chromium iron, are very challenging when it comes to minimize vibrations. This is an important issue both due to the fact that vibrations reduces tool life, but also since it may be specific surface demands that makes it impossible to accept any vibrations.

But now it can be possible to optimize the operations further thanks to our Steadyline® systems with a pre-tuned damping system. It can allow up to four times bigger depths of cuts and impressive surface improvements.

For PCBN inserts, there is the option to go for the GL-heads for TN11- and RN09-style inserts. The GL-system is a short and compact system with optimal damping effect and the same repeatability accuracy as Seco-Capto. This unique and patented system allows coolant flow through the head if necessary. The Steadyline® turning range is available in three diameters, ø32, ø40, ø50, and three lengths, 6xD, 8xD, 10xD. They are also available in two shank designs – Seco-Capto or Cylindrical.

For more information, please contact your local Seco representative, or our Advanced material (PCBN/PCD/CERAMIC) team.

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