Secomax™ Octo05, CBN200 – A productivity booster in Grey Cast Iron milling.

Try out our new PCBN insert for cost effective milling of e.g. Grey Cast Iron components, those inserts can be used in combination with Carbide inserts or the cutter fully equipped with PCBN inserts, all depending on your specific demands.

Octo05, PCBN are available without wiper with 8 usable corners and as wiper with 4 effective cutting edges, the format is full face.

The images below describe the difference in axial and radial direction between a PCBN wiper and non wiper insert (top image) and a PCBN wiper insert and a non wiper Carbide insert (bottom image), as shown the PCBN wiper insert will generate the surface finish and the non wiper inserts will do most of the job in the radial (feed) direction.

The well known Secomax™ CBN200 with 85 % cBN content, 2 micron grain size and a metallic binder, Co-W-Al Ceramic, comes together in a product which offers great toughness and high wear resistance machining soft abrasive and hard materials.

Application example: Machine bed

With Secomax™ Octo05 SECO now offers an extensive range of PCBN milling solutions for various demands and machining conditions.

For more information, please contact your local Seco representative, or our Advanced material (PCBN/PCD/CERAMIC) team.

Product Manager:
Anders Wickman
737 82 Fagersta, Sweden
Office +4622340254
Mobile +46703431200

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