Seco Crossbill™ wiper – Unique and patented design

Wiper technology is now an established method for decreasing cycle times and increasing productivity.

A drawback when machining with wipers, is that it is not possible to generate the true corner radius when machining towards a shoulder. The wiper goes all the way down the flank of the insert, so the wiper geometry will be copied into the corner.

The Seco Crossbill™ wiper has addressed this issue. The unique patented design of the wiper allows for the utilization of handed wiper technology on all cutting edges on a solid insert.

The Crossbill™ wiper can be used for axial turning with all the usual benefits of wiper technology towards a shoulder and, due to the design, also machine a perfect radius.

The Crossbill™ wiper inserts are now available as TNGX110308S-01020-L-WZ and TNGX110308S-01020-R-WZ in the new grade CBN010.

The Seco way, Crossbill™ wiper Wiper technology - Perfect radius – 6 cutting edges – New PCBN grade CBN010.

For more information, please contact your local Seco representative, or our Advanced material (PCBN/PCD/CERAMIC) team.

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